Parents - How It Works

To get matched with the best homeschool curriculum for your family follow these 3 easy steps:

  • 1. CLICK... on the “Start Questionnaire” button below and then answer the questions as best you can.
  • 2. CONTRIBUTE... $35, to help us to develop even more programs and resources for homeschoolers, on the payment page. (Note: Vendors are strongly encouraged to offer discounts to parents who use the service. That should result in significant savings for you. Also all parents who use this service will receive a free one year membership to the NHSA, (or an additional one year if already a member), which represents a $39 value).
  • 3. RECEIVE... an instant report matching you with companies that provide the curriculum and educational materials that meet your specific criteria and updates/new match notifications for 1 year.

Vendors - How It Works

If you want your curriculum/educational materials to be in our system to be recommended to parents that indicate an interest in what you offer then this is what we will need from you:

  • 1. CLICK... on the “Start Questionnaire” button below to answer questions about what you have to offer so you can be perfectly matched to the wants, needs and values of the parents;
  • 2. CONTRIBUTE... $325 to have your company entered into the Curriculum Matching system and to receive a virtual storefront on the NHSA Home Learning Store website to showcase your products/services to all homeschoolers worldwide for a full year! (Renew both the matching service & storefront annually for $100.)
  • 3. SEND US... (optional) one of your flagship products for a free review. After receiving either a physical or digital copy of the product we will then add a review about your company/product.

Why Use a Curriculum Matching Service?

There are numerous benefits to using this matching service – these are some of the highlights.

Save Time

There are thousands of educational products and services to choose from including every kind of curriculum imaginable. This will immediately allow you to eliminate everything that does not match your interests, values and budget.

Save Money

Buying random curriculum materials can rapidly become costly mistakes. This service will help match you with the best options right from the start. Also every vendor is strongly encouraged to provide you with discount coupon codes to directly save you money.

Gain Clarity

Our questionnaire is designed to help you to determine exactly what you want for your children. It includes questions you might not have even considered like politics and controversial social issues when thinking about what curriculum to select.

Gain Confidence

Navigating uncharted territory can be scary but just the fact that you are on this site shows you have the determination and resourcefulness to succeed. Also, parents who use this service get a free one year membership to the NHSA so all of our resources will become available to you.

Easy and Convenient

Getting started is as easy as 1-2-3 and then as more curriculum, products and services are added to our database you will be automatically notified for a full year anytime new curriculum providers are added that match your specific wants, needs and values.


There absolutely is no “one size fits all” curriculum so your children will have a much higher quality of education by you being in control of selecting exactly what your child needs and wants while also controlling what version of the “truth” your child is exposed to.

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NHSA Curriculum Match

We at the National Home School Association (NHSA) have been inundated with requests from distraught parents to put them in contact with one or more curriculum providers that offer the specific curriculum that they want and need.  
In the real world there is no “one size fits all” curriculum so the NHSA is offering this service that very simply matches parents that are seeking curriculum (that will meet their wants, needs and values) with those companies and individuals that offer such curriculum. 


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