Become a Vendor - How It Works

If you want your curriculum/educational materials to be in our system to be recommended to parents that indicate an interest in what you offer then this is what we will need from you:

  • 1. CLICK... on the “Start Questionnaire” button below to answer questions about what you have to offer so you can be perfectly matched to the wants, needs and values of the parents;
  • 2. CONTRIBUTE... $325 to have your company entered into the Curriculum Matching system and to receive a virtual storefront on the NHSA Home Learning Store website to showcase your products/services to all homeschoolers worldwide for a full year! (Renew both the matching service & storefront annually for $100.)
  • 3. SEND US... (optional) one of your flagship products for a free review. After receiving either a physical or digital copy of the product we will then add a review about your company/product.