NOTE: Our objective is to help parents to find the companies that offer the products and services that specifically meet their wants, needs and values. It is because some companies sell a single product and others offer multiple products that we will match parents with companies rather than specific products. Therefore please fill this questionnaire out in general terms as it relates to everything you offer so that the parents will be directed to your company as long as you offer anything that meet their needs.

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For what grade level(s) do your products or services cover: (check all that apply)

Ages for which your curriculum/products/services are for: (check all that apply)

Topics/Subjects You Offer: (check all that apply)

Core Curriculum Topics:

Vocational & Elective Topics:

Foreign Languages:

Types of Products/Services You Offer: (check all that apply)

Is Your Product/Service Designed to Meet the Needs Of: (check all that apply)

Your Curriculum Materials/Products/Services:


(In this day and age politics and agenda have become infused in a lot of the public school curriculum materials and some homeschool materials as well. So to match what you offer with those that would be most comfortable with it please chose one of the following: )

Controversial/Sensitive Topics:

(Due to the sensitivity relating to current issues that are especially controversial, does your curriculum materials/products/services refer to any of the following: (Select any, many or none):

Price Range:

We understand that there may be multiple versions, sizes, models, classes, etc. that you offer, in general what is the price range of what you offer at this time:

Discount Code:

IMPORTANT: We strongly encourage you to offer a discount code to parents that utilize this service (the amount of the discount is up to you) as a thank you to the parents that do ultimately purchase your products out of the thousands of choices they could make. (Note: Vendors that offer discount codes of 20% or more will be given special attention in the NHSA Home Learning Store, in the NHSA Home Learning Digest Newsletter and in social media posts.)