What is the connection between Curriculum Match and the NHSA?

Curriculum Match is a service that was designed specifically by the National Home School Association directly in response to the multitude of calls and emails that have been received from parents wanting this service. Curriculum Match is wholly owned by the NHSA and any questions relating to this service should be directed to the NHSA via info@CurriculumMatch.com.

What if a parent is not happy with the report they receive?

The report that the parents will receive will list the Vendors that provide what they are seeking based on the questionnaire that both the parent and the vendor filled out. It will eliminate any providers that do not meet the specific criteria detailed in the questionnaire. If Curriculum Match is unable to find any vendors to meet the specific needs of the parent then the parent will have the option to promptly receive a 100% refund of the amount paid or to stay in the program and receive notices for a full year of every new vendor that joins who offers what the parent is looking for.

What if what I am looking for as a parent or what I provide as a vendor is not included on the questionnaire?

We have tried to make the questionnaire as comprehensive as possible without being overwhelming. However, we are willing to add additional questions for both the parents or vendors if it looks like we have missed including something important. Email us at info@CurriculumMatch.com and let us know your suggestion and we will see what we can do.

What exactly does a vendor get for the $275?

Each vendor gets two seperate benefits. The first is to be included in the match service where they will be matched against every parent that indicates an interest in what they offer by way of the answers they give in the questionnaire and the second is to have a "virtual storefront" (profile page) in the NHSA Home Learning Store for a full year that will be viewable by anyone from around the world regardless of if they use the matching service or not. At the end of one year, the vendor can renew both benefits for another year at a renewal fee of $100.

What might cause a vendor to be declined and what happens if a vendor is declined?

There are a variety of reasons that a particular Vendor might be declined. These might include (for example): a determination that what the Vendor is offering would not be suitable or appropriate for homeschooling families; the quality of the educational materials being produced are not up to the standards that would generally be expected; a determination is made that the educational materials are more focused on indoctrination rather than education; research into the Vendor’s business practices reveals concerning or questionable results; or any other reason that the NHSA feels is appropriate and warranted under the circumstances. Vendors that have been declined can request reconsideration but no assurances can be provided that any different outcome will be achieved. If a vendor is declined then a 100% refund will be processed immediately for that Vendor. Funds should arrive back into the Vendor’s account within 3 to 5 banking days.